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Differential flotation ofcopper-zincat PrieskaCopper Mines(Pty) limited: apre-liminaryreport . zinc, pyrite and pyrrhotite are removed from . afraction ofthecopper remaining inthecopper flotatIOn tails isfloated into the zinc concentrate. Asshown in Fig(2),with theaverage feedgrade tothemillof1,74 .

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In addition to pyrite, the main metal minerals of copper-zinc ore include chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite, etc. The main metal minerals of lump ore are lead-vanadium, copper-blue, limonite, magnetite, etc., their main gangue composition is quartz. 1. Priority flotation of copper and zinc-sulfur mixed flotation and separation

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promotes the oxidation of copper on pyrite as copper hydroxide, but has no effect on sphalerite. This increase in the amount of oxidation products on the pyrite surface and, as a result, decrease in xanthate adsorption may explain the depression of the flotation of pyrite in the presence of sodium sulfite. q2001 Elsevier Science B.V.

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Flotation Of Lead And Zinc From Lead Zinc Pyrite Ore. Ore is increased the most obvious effect of the galvanic oxidation of galena by pyrite is the release into the system of galena oxidation products providing an ample supply of does pyrite affect galena oxidation and subsequent lead otation behaviour ore . Chat Online

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2004). Pyrite depression with dextrin occurs around pH 8 so using dextrin could lower the pH in flotation processes operating at high pH such as the flotation of copper in porphyry ores and flotation of zinc in polymetallic base-metal sulfide ores. Furthermore, dextrin could be used as a pyrite

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Copper Pyrite Formula – Grinding Mill China. Chalcopyrite is also known as copper pyrites. The chemical formula for chalcopyrite or . » Learn More. zinc pyrites farmula 80-100TPH Stone Crushing Production line. copper pyrite formula Quarrying Crusher Plant. copper pyrite formula Chalcopyrite Wikipedia, th » Learn More.

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The decrease in the rate of zinc flotation with oxygen conditioning is very small. 1076 A. Boulton et al. Effect of thionocarbamate collector The replacement of SIPX collector with the copper-selective collector, IBECTC, results in improvements in zinc grades as a result of preferential flotation of copper-activated sphalerite over pyrite .

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According to the conventional flotation practice, pyrite is a kind of sulphide with good floatability, which is easily inhibited by lime, sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide in alkaline environment. Therefore, people often add sufficient lime to the grinder, then preferentially separate lead, zinc, copper and other metals.

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The zinc concentrate is actually the tails from this bulk separation step. The flotation tailing is the zinc concentrate. If the silver is associated with the galena, the silver reports to the lead concentrate. While pyrite is fairly easy to depress with lime, pyrrhotite is more difficult to depress.

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pre-flotation, which is a flotation stage prior to the galena flotation, is employed to remove part of the organic carbon. Following the pre-flotation stage, lead and zinc sulfides are floated in separate circuits and during the flotation process pyrite is floated to the concentrates.

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Depression of pyrite in the flotation of high pyrite low-grade lead–zinc ore using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans

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In this paper, formation of zinc sulfide species during roasting of ZnO with FeS2 was investigated and its contribution on flotation was illustrated. The evolution process, phase and crystal .

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The pyrite flotation rate constant decreased significantly when A. ferrooxidans interacted with the flotation pulp for 20 min. 7. Validation experiments with different frothing times showed that in the presence of A. ferrooxidans , 74% of sphalerite was floated and the Zn grade surged to 26.21%, while the recovery of pyrite was only 15.82%.


Role of starch and metabisulphite on pure pyrite and pyritic copper ore flotation 43 occurred with 1.7 mg/ dm3, while 21% depression occurred with the same dosages of starch at pH 6.5 where pyrite flotation is expected to be weak at pH 10.

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In this paper, the effect of pyrite on the activation of sphalerite was investigated by micro-flotation, copper adsorption experiments, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and electrochemical measurement. The micro-flotation test results showed that the recovery and flotation rate of sphalerite with copper sulphate as activator and butyl xanthate as collector were significantly decreased .

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In single mineral flotation at pH 6 using potassium diethyl dithiophosphate as a collector, the floatability of sphalerite did not depend on pulp temperature (25 and 60°C). In the flotation of sphalerite and pyrite mixture at 60°, the flotation recovery of sphalerite was significantly decreased as the mixing ratio of pyrite increased.

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pyrite flotation zinc. Selective Sulfidation of Lead Smelter Slag … Abstract. The selective sulfidation of lead smelter slag with pyrite in the presence of carbon and Na salts, and the flotation behavior of synthetic ZnS were studied.

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1. Method of flotation of copper-zinc-pyrite ore, including grinding in an alkaline medium, air conditioning with reagents - collectors and frothers, collective copper-zinc flotation to produce collective concentrate containing copper minerals and natural-activated sphalerite, and tails, characterized in that as the collector used is supplied in the following sequence composition selective .

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In most operating coal-cleaning plants, a significant amount of pyrite is recovered in the froth during flotation of high-sulfur coal. Reducing the pyrite recovery first requires that the primary recovery mechanism should be identified, as different measures are required for reducing entrainment, locked-particle flotation, or true hydrophobic flotation.

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Experiment study on recovering lead and zinc from a flotation tailings in inner mongolia by flotation . oxide ore of lead-zinc, The flotation recovering of oxide minerals of lead-zinc especially oxide minerals of zinc can . pyrite and pyrrhotite, etc. Nonmetallic minerals were quartz, chlorite, carbonate, silicon line stone, sericite .

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need flotation machine for zinc pb and copper; need flotation machine for zinc pb and copper. Chalcopyrite (Cu) Sphalerite (Zn) Separation by Flotation. The Problem with separating Copper from Zinc by flotation. The treatment of heavy sulphide ores of copper containing zinc and pyrite is often extremely difficult particularly if soluble copper .

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Sodium silicate was somewhat effective in causing a differential or selective flotation of copper, as chalcopyrite from pyrite by keeping pyrite from floating. Sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide gave, in most cases, a distinct separation of sphalerite from chalcopyrite; i.e., a high copper and low zinc by suppressing the flotation of sphalerite.


which mutilates flotation process. It is known that zinc cycle of copper–zinc ore flotation uses xanthate modifications that are not selective relative to pyrite. In view of the aforesaid, it is re-quired to design a process flow chart toward higher efficiency of separation of zinc minerals and pyrite in the zinc cycle of flo-tation.

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Few scientists tried High Intensity Magnet Separator. HGMS of SLON, LONGI, METSO. You can try bulk flotation of Pyrite and Zinc and then go for magnet separation. This will give two products, Sulphur (Pyrite) and Zinc con. May be Pyrite con may contain both Lead and Zinc in traces recovered in Smelter during Sulphur recovery.

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The pyrite in which small amounts of gold occurs is of crystalline variety (primary pyrite). The characteristics of primary pyrite are a absence of porosity, an extreme brittleness, a resistance to oxidation, and the existence of gold possessing a weak susceptibility to magnetism (due to a fine coating of a iron compound).

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Application of Aeration to Complex Sulphide Ore and its Effects on Circuit Performance B.Aksani & M.N.Mian . Laboratory-scale aeration and flotation tests were carried out in order to optimise aeration . as expected with better zinc and pyrite rejection in the circuit. Due to the limited durations of the clastic


AbstractThis paper reports the results of flotation tests conducted with a copper-lead-zinc sulphide ore. The major sulphide minerals in the ore are chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, marmatite and pyrite with corresponding metal amounts of 6.80% Pb, 1.05% Cu and 1.50% Zn, respectively. The ore sample was ground to below 200 ?m and then collective and selective sulphide flotation tests were .

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flotation of lead and zinc bearing minerals. For flotation of zinc the xanthate dosage was varied from 0.094 kg/t to 0.752 kg/t. The results are shown in Fig. 6. These experiments were carried out using feed with 38.5% -0.074 mm at pH 8.5. As it is evident an increase in xanthate dosage from

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Using the criteria of recovery and rate, the flotation of the principal copper sulfides and pyrite with sulfhydryl collectors was found to follow the pattern: xanthate > dithiophosphate .

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In optimum flotation conditions, Cu recovery, Zn recovery and pyrite content were 89.04%, 25.3% and 2.02% respectively, with MC2 as mixed collector, dextrin as pyrite depressant, ZnSO4 dosage of .

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The flotation response of a Pb-Zn sulphide ore from the Rosh Pinah Mine (Namibia) was studied in the presence of inorganic depressants such as sodium cyanide and zinc sulphate. . the zinc flotation circuit after activation with copper sulphate. Selectivity . flotation of sphalerite and pyrite at the concentrator. Although.

1. Xanthate Application in Pyrite Froth Flotation

Pyrite can use xanthate as the collector in acidic, neutral and weak alkali slurries. The acid-treated pyrite has good floatability (the optimum pH for the use of xanthate is 4.5). For the flotation of pyrite, the ability of xanthate to collect is better than that of dithiophosphate. 2. Xanthate Application in Sphalerite Froth Flotation

The effect of mode of occurrence of galena and sphalerite .

xanthate in the zinc flotation circuit after activation with copper sulphate. Selectivity against sphalerite poses a challenge in the lead flotation circuit at the Rosh Pinah Mine, where cyanide dosages as high as 150–180 g/t are being used to suppress the flotation of sphalerite and pyrite at the concentrator. Apart from the significant .